AnnieSpiritual Activist for Humanity’s Team at the Evolution Revolution; artist with words drawing blogs, painting prose, sketching poetry; unique spiritual individuation of the everlasting All, on a physical journey as co-creator and experiencer of this physical realm; a “Riser” rather than a “Survivor” of nearly every imaginable child abuse, who gets knocked down but always manages to get back up, usually with the help of others; differently abled due to chronic pain and mental health issues, mostly caused by those things from which I have Risen above; lover of the ongoing Creation, hater of none.

Legal Disclaimer

Other than the relationships specified on this website, Annie Stith has no relationship with, nor any financial interest in, Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations with God, Evolution Revolution, Humanity’s Team, or any other related enterprise. Annie Stith holds no degrees, certification, or education beyond what is stated on this website. For entertainment purposes only.

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